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Seasoned Recruiters:

We have in fact created a deal-making machine that removes the burnout so common in our industry... Atavas makes the staffing business fun and lucrative.

Atavas, a Leader in Nationwide Search and Staffing is looking for Recruiters WITH agency experience exclusively for Business Development . You will in effect be partnering with us to build a in your own area and practice!

We help you with lead generation on the sales side and back up your job orders with dedicated sources and recruiters to fill as as many req's as you can get!

Your sole dedication is to close the warm leads we generate for you and close deals.We are all about applying our proven system and leverages in helping us all prosper and find work-life balance in the industry which as you know is RARE!

This is a straight commission position...50/50... however...


  • We support you with a full time sourcer to assist in filling your req's..
  • We provide world cl;ass and support ..
  • We developed proprietary market intelligence software that no other staffing firm in the world possesses... it builds sales pipelines in minutes and we have dedicated marketing teams whose sole goal is to generate business for you!

We basically created an automated deal churning system and need competent experienced Recruiters to stand in the gap and manage the fun stuff of closing deals!

Our culture

We will not micromanage you, you are an independent contractor and can work whenever and wherever you want to. We have specific goals in mind and will invest in you as you invest in the opportunity. We want this to be a rewarding opportunity both financially and personally and won't work you into the ground so to speak.

If you are confident you can get 4 job orders per month (that's it), you have a seat at the Atavas table.